Fall 2015 Submissions

The Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal is accepting submissions for the Fall 2015.

We are looking for English-language papers written by undergraduate students at W&M that are in conversation with at least one of the following disciplines: English literature, cultural studies, comparative literature, gender studies, media studies, film/video studies, and/or game studies. Papers/assignments resulting from coursework, as well as independent research, are welcome.

Papers can be related to other fields in the Humanities at W&M, such as Sociology, Philosophy, American Studies, Linguistics, Art History, Theatre, Modern Languages and Literatures, and Music, but must pertain to the aforementioned disciplines in some major way. An example exception would be an Art History paper that examines an artist’s work through the lens of a particular critical theory. If you have any questions about whether your paper’s topic would be appropriate for the journal, do not hesitate to contact Max Miroff at mamiroff@email.wm.edu.

The deadline for submission is May 15, 2015. Submissions must have been written and completed during your undergraduate education at W&M, prior to your graduation date or acceptance of your Bachelor’s degree.


  • Approximately 5-15 pages in length (1200-3500 words). Exceptions concerning length can be made, so don’t feel afraid to submit your best work, even if it is shorter or longer in length.
  • Written as an undergraduate student at William & Mary
  • Not published previously in another academic journal or medium
  • In conversation with the interdisciplinary fields of study, such as one would examine in an English or LCST class (see above)

Submission Instructions:

  • Send an electronic version of your selection, in BOTH the .PDF and .DOC formats, to chujsubmissions@gmail.com
  • Put “Manuscript” at the beginning of the subject line of your email.
  • Fill out this cover form.

If you have any questions, please contact Max Miroff at mamiroff@email.wm.edu


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