Meet the CHUJ Staff

Executive Board:

Eamonn deLacy, Editor-in-chief, is a senior at the College majoring in English and History. More often, it feels like he is majoring in Netflix and Card/Board Game Studies. In his free time, he likes to read, play tennis, read more, think about sports, and read.

Max Miroff, Editor-in-chief, is a senior at the College majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science. His research interests include Marxism, critical theory, and postmodernism.

Morgan Sehdev, Production Editor, is a junior Hispanic Studies major. Her favorite activities include painting, running, spending time in the biology lab, and listening to vintage vinyls.

Sarah Kinniburgh, Copy Editor, is a junior at the College.

Leigh Seitz, Copy Editor,

Gilbert Pitcher, Submissions Editor, is a senior at the College majoring in German Studies and History. He enjoys learning foreign languages and watching foreign film.

Shruti Sharma, Campus Relations, is a senior at the College majoring in English and Education. She enjoys playing tennis and working with kids through the Williamsburg Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, and hopes to have a career as a high school English teacher after graduation.

Carlton Fleenor, Editor-in-chief Emeritus, is the founder of the Journal. He majored in Literary and Cultural Studies and minoring in Women’s Studies. He enjoys surfing the internet, playing videogames, and watching hour-long dramas on USA and TNT.

Editorial Staff:

Emily Lowman is a senior English major studying the intersection of Arthurian and Celtic literature. In her free time she enjoys hiking and reading everything within reach.

Paul Naanou is a junior at the College majoring in Mathematics and French and Francophone Studies. His literary interests include British Romanticism, Victorian literature, French Romantic and Symbolist poetry, and Francophone literature. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, music, cooking, and spending time with his friends and family.

Lauren Magnusson is a senior at the College majoring in English with a minor in History.

Anna Nicholson is a junior at the College majoring in English.

Summer Sutton is a senior at the College majoring in English.

Davis Richardson is a senior planning to major in both European Studies and Linguistics. When not obsessing over all things Italian, he enjoys singing, watching horror films, and studying European cultures.


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